Lock Flight : wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Top Lock No 1
Little's Lane Bridge
Wolverhampton Lock No 2
Wolverhampton Lock No 3
Railway Bridge - Wolverhampton High Level Station to the North and West
Wolverhampton Lock No 4
Wolverhampton Lock No 5
Cannock Road Bridge
Wolverhampton Lock No 6
Wolverhampton Lock No 7
Wolverhampton Lock No 8
Jordans Bridge
Wolverhampton Lock No 9
Wolverhampton Lock No 10
Fox's Lane Bridge
Wolverhampton Lock No 11
Railway Bridge - Bilbrook to the North
Stour Valley Viaduct
Wolverhampton Lock No 12
Gorsebrook Pipe Bridge


Wolverhampton Locks make for a very nice trail for walking, cycle ride or boat trip; along the Birmingham Main Line Canal.

The conservation and enhancement of historic buildings and environments are important objectives of the Council and this trail has been prepared to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for those with an interest in the heritage of Wolverhampton.

The trail will take about one and a half hours to complete. Wheelchair users are advised that the ramps at the sides of the canal locks are extremely steep and difficult to negotiate.

Motor cycle excluder barriers are in place along the 21 locks and people in wheelchairs or those with buggies may find them difficult to negotiate. Some of the barriers have wide opening gates incorporating the RADAR lock. These are marked on the trail plan.

Get a map of the route here